Noordhollandse Huwelijken

We have made family-reconstructions of the municipalities    
based on the marriages that were registered in the period 1811-1890.

The families are therefore not complete, where possible we have filled in the birthdates, or an estimate. If the parents had died before the marriage it will say “voor …”, if two years have been entered the year of dying lies between these two years. Sometimes families may be found in different locations, for instance, with families whose children married in a different location. If village names have been entered these will be in order of living.

 We hope we’ll be able to regularly add to this site with new or additional information.

This site is produced by Gertie van Lienen-Visser and Ineke Smit
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  * geboren (geb.) born
  = gedoopt (ged.) christened, baptized
  + overleden (overl.) died, deceased
  x trouwt, huwelijk married, marriage
  weduwe (wed.) widow
  weduwnaar (wednr) widower
  beroep occupation


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